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Privacy Notice website (the "Site") applicable security measures and privacy on this site have been defined and developed to ensure the proper handling of personal information security and privacy in accordance with local regulations and international.

This policy explains how LensCrafters, directly or through its subsidiaries, collect and / or use of personal information, how that information is shared, and how it can access, modify or delete personal information.

LensCrafters recognize and respect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information. As a demonstration of commitment to privacy, LensCrafters define the backdrop of the privacy policy of global governance model to ensure total privacy LensCrafters as the basis for corporate culture.

Any personal information you provide through this website dedicated to the purposes described below.

Data processing 1.1 Responsibilities

By connecting to any personal information or collect this website is provided will be considered as a data controller LensCrafters.
Personal information will participate with your use of the site is connected collect personal information managers LensCrafters processes (including, but not limited to):

Authorized personnel to operate the site, and provide related services, such as customer service, information systems management LensCrafters; HR management; Staff of the marketing department.

In addition, LensCrafters will be required to perform some service providers on behalf of the same data processing and the LensCrafters as an indicator. These providers handle personal information as appropriate contractual commitments on the basis of data processing, including, by way of illustration:

Information systems and sites (for example, hosting service providers, service providers and market analysis, management services and maintenance of the database) management service providers;

Services may be provided through the website.

For the implementation of the activities provided by these individuals, and LensCrafters provides personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy processing instructions and rules of conduct.

2. The program collects information LensCrafters There are several ways to obtain personal information on the website through which you can get information, such as:

Register on the site;
User's browsing information on the site;
Participate in contests, promotions and activities via the website;
Any other contact point to contact customer service or Lenscrafters.

3. Type of information collection, purpose and therapeutic procedures 3.1 Personal information sources
LensCrafters is a different type of user information, the use of the site and its services, from different sources, such as information provided by the user, and the information obtained from collecting automatic tracking.
3.2 Types of personal information
LensCrafters will collect and process the following personal information:

Social network users profile information, whether public. If you choose a social networking application to access or connect public archives your account LensCrafters can be on social networks, and through the corresponding plug-ins, these channels website to share their behaviors (eg: Facebook connected to the same share to FB etc.), will be collected from the site by the data he published a number of social network users and for the corresponding function. These shares related to social networks involved in the operation of plug-ins and the corresponding information;

Use of this site information. When in the interest of safety, we deal with each session log file to the user's login to his account;
Navigation information. When you use the Website, we use a number of technologies to automatically collect information about how you use our products and services, such as IP address or other unique code devices (computers, mobile phones or other devices) some of the information the user to browse the web which users registered or technical information may include the URL from the user, the browser's information, speech recognition. This information helps us to continually improve the browsing experience and to monitor the normal operation of the site. This information includes operating statistics only and is not intended to identify the user's data and associated

The nature of the personal information of 3.3

When you ask the user to provide personal information when they register on the site, for example, LensCrafters inform them what is required to register personal information, which is optional. Failure to provide certain information may make it impossible to create an account (such as name). Additional information is completely optional, but if you do not provide some information, some elements of service provided by LensCrafters limited use or may not be available.

3.4 Cookie Use In order to improve navigation on the site, we use cookie.
Cookie is a small file, usually consisting of letters and numbers, it is downloaded to the computer user to access a particular Web site. Cookie allows a website to recognize the user's computer, through pages of a website to track its navigation and identify who return users on the site. Cookies do not contain identify your personal information, we will record your personal information may be we hang COOKIE information, and take them.

For more information about using cookie, see information about Cookie's.

3.5 use Web beacons
The site may be identified as web beacons (sometimes referred to as GIF or pixel tags), to gather information about how you use this site information relating to the use of Cookie digital image. Web beacons can provide certain types of information found in the user's computer, for example, when describing the time and date on the page is accessed, the page, which is based on web beacon is located, or the same cookie. These Web beacons can also e-mail and promotional communications, to confirm that the message was opened and read.

LensCrafters is possible to use results from third-party web beacons to facilitate their campaigns or their website management, summary statistics are collected. The purpose of personal information from a third party using web beacons to collect or access your without aggregation and non-statistical format is prohibited.

3.6 User data minors This site is not suitable for users under 18 years of age and LensCrafters does not knowingly collect personal information from them.
If you are not careful record information in the minors, LensCrafters will delete personal information for these children.

Treatment goals

We collect information, including personal information for the following purposes:

Services offered on the site (such as registration and account access management process, account management.);
For the site and its operation functions (including logistics), including the resolution of any technical issues, statistical analysis, testing and research of technology management;
Prevent or detect fraud or abuse is harm our website or undermine the security of transactions;
Manage any promotional activities and competitions;
Meet your needs (ie request management information.);
Manage promotions or contests from time to time on the site;
And the provision of related services purpose of the user;
To promote products, services and brands LensCrafters, including the sending of commercial, promotional or information and is updated regularly (eg e-mail, telephone, SMS / MMS, email and through social networks) products, services, held LensCrafters, or in cooperation with Lenscrafters initiatives and activities. If you agree to process your data for marketing purposes, so that data can also be processed in order to lead, by mail, telephone or e-mail, statistical analysis, surveys and related products and services market research LensCrafters.

Opt-in / out

In the registration process, the user can freely and express consent of the collection, processing and data transmission in accordance with this Privacy Policy, for marketing purposes, including to receive commercial, promotional or information and updates on a regular basis (such as e-mail, telephone, SMS / MMS , e-mail and through social networks) products, services, LensCrafters by, or with partner organizations LensCrafters events and activities. If you consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, so that data can also be processed in order to lead, by mail, telephone or e-mail, statistical analysis, surveys and related products and services market research LensCrafters. Such consent may be modified (exit) from the user profile by logging into your account or send a communication LensCrafters customer service.

If you received an email from a user who no longer want the site in the future (exit) to receive these communications, you can follow their own procedures before or message the instructions described in this section to do so.

Lenscrafters processed withdraw income requirements, but from the processing of our request, you may also receive the communication is not more than 10 working days.

Transmission and information sharing

6.1 shared with other group companies and third party
In addition to individuals and entities listed in Section 2, LensCrafters will share the user directly or indirectly, for service management within the Group acquired, whether some personal information within the Luxottica Group (such as commercial communications), and with third-party (government institutions, suppliers delivery service, insurance companies) to carry out this privacy policy is intended to provide services under the jurisdiction of, any requirements management, analysis, and provide marketing assistance activity data. It will require a third party to handle such information in accordance with applicable regulations.
In addition, the user's information may be shared with third parties following reasons:

Allow a merger, acquisition or sale of all or part of the assets of our society; and Response procedures;
Meet the requirements of applicable law, to protect the security of the individual, to protect the rights and properties of LensCrafters and prevent fraud or technical problems or safety; In using this website and purchase of products available through collaboration with partners not to disclose their identity in the form of notification
Safety and protection of information

LensCrafters is committed to protecting users' information. LensCrafters reports that the password is one of the mechanisms to protect your account, we recommend that you use a sufficiently secure password and keep it in a safe place, to restrict access to the account to their computer and browser, after the site visit records. LensCrafters also monitor the activities of the website to prevent or moving other personal information from unauthorized credit card numbers. LensCrafters uses a standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect the confidentiality of personal information.

LensCrafters is committed to the received information to protect users. All personal information is stored on secure servers Lenscrafters internal systems. LensCrafters appropriate security measures to protect information from unauthorized access or unauthorized modification or circulation and distribution data. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, Lenscrafters appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information and data stored in the system.

While no computer system is completely secure, LensCrafters consider measures implemented to reduce the likelihood of security problems to fit to the data involved a horizontal type.

Store and delete information

Only in this document, and the user's explicit consent of the purpose LensCrafters access, use, processing, storage and collection of personal information stored. Specifically, LensCrafters in keeping with the line of personal information:

For the purpose of being collected;
Consent received by the user;
Local and international regulations.
Personal information is stored, and in accordance with LensCrafters to achieve the purpose of their data collection and reprocessing, including the applicable law (for example, security policies required for recording the duration of saving desired delete any shelf accounting). The user can request cancellation of their data and possibly account; in this case, LensCrafters will meet the user's requirements, within the scope and requirements, it is not necessary to keep such personal information in accordance with applicable law.

Your personal information rights

The law does not. 196/2003 on data protection (the "Italian Privacy Act" or other applicable law Article 7 LensCrafters to provide users with the following order reference lists some specific rights.

User rights must be confirmed whether the existence of his personal data, even if not yet registered, and their spread in intelligible form.

Users have the right to access to information:

Sources of personal data;
The purposes and methods of treatment;
If you use electronic means with the help of logic processing applications;
Owner, manager and designated representative under Article 5, paragraph 2 of the Italian privacy laws identity;
The data subject or individual who can be transferred or categories who can understand them.

We have the following rights: Update, correct or, when interested, integration of data;
Canceled, anonymous or block illegal processing of data, including the need to maintain the purpose of their data collection or subsequent processing of the data;
Certification is made known to the above-mentioned transaction, for the same content, the data of those who transfer or distribute them, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a clearly disproportionate usage rights protected.

The user has to an object, the right to all or part of:
For justification of personal data processed for purposes related to the collection;
The purpose of processing personal data to send advertising material or direct sales or market research or business communications.
Privacy Policy Changes This Privacy Policy may change; we recommend that you regularly check the privacy policy. If the company LensCrafters deemed important to make any changes, you will be notified through the website. Links to third party websites While browsing, content can be seen that connect to third-party websites. LensCrafters can not access or control the use of third-party websites and external sites program, Cookie, or other functions are not to be bound by our privacy policy. Therefore, contact and / or a third party for their direct consultation procedures to protect personal privacy information.

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